Houston, TX (PRWEB) May 31, 2011

N2O Marketing is now offering a new search engine optimization service that helps a security company’s website rank higher on Google, Yahoo and Bing. This monthly service is offered for $500 per month and involves updating a company’s website every month to better map to popular search terms. As the web site begins to rank higher for popular terms, traffic will increase thereby creating a new stream of sales leads.

“We help security companies understand how their website can be better leveraged and often times, within a few months, they begin to see their site jump in rankings and pass by local competitors.” States Gregg Groenemann, CEO of N2O Marketing. This service is uniquely suited for the security industry for several reasons.

First, outbound marketing tactics are limited. With “do not call” lists in place and Yellow Page ads becoming less effective, security companies are having to spend more to get less results. Search engines like Google and Bing have become the preferred method for home and business owners looking for an alarm system.

Second, the security industry is “event driven” and once an event such as a move or break-in occurs, home and business owners are quick to make decisions. This behavior aligns perfectly with the speed and niche aspects of online marketing.

Third, paid search is becoming very expensive. Popular security related search terms on Google and Bing have become hypercompetitive therefore very expensive. A recent paid search analysis showed that even specific and granular search terms like “home alarm systems California” cost $50 per click for page 1 status. Natural website rankings are free on search engines, that is why investments in search optimization are often called “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Fourth, most security companies are understaffed in both marketing as well as website support. N2O Marketing manages the entire process on a security company’s behalf. As a leader in outsourced marketing services for the security industry, they understand the unique drivers in the industry and hot buttons for home and business owners.

Also included with the service is website visitor notification so security company owners are notified via a daily email as to who was on their website from the prior day. This is a powerful tool to not only create a new source of leads from an existing website, but can also be used to combat attrition. These alerts can create customer expansion opportunities as well as gauge proposal probability.

About N2O Marketing 
N2O Marketing specializes in the security industry. Our model gives small and mid-sized security companies the ability to “time share” a Fortune 500 marketing team – often at 50% of the cost of hiring a single marketing manager. We offer outsourced marketing, lead generation and sales automation solutions. For more information, check out or call 866-590-1463.

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